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       Carrots by wholesale – for export 08-07-2017

Carrots are beautiful golden coloured, smooth, solid, tasty, juicy, high-quality, well-transportable over long distances, comply with the EU standards in terms of quality. Grade: Abako. Length: 15 c

       Onions 08-07-2017

Onions gold are intended for long-term storage, well-covered with up to 5 layers of tight peel, solid, high-quality, produces no shoots, well-transportable over long distances, meet the requirements o

       White & Red Garlic. 26-02-2016

Normal White Garic ( red garlic, purple garlic) Pure White Garlic ( Super White Garlic, Snow White Garlic)
From NDAROW Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd [DoualaLitorial]

       Seaweed(seagrape) 02-06-2011

We are SOVIMEX specializing in Seaweed include are such as: Gracilaria, sea grape, white E. cottonii, violet E cottonii, Ulva Lactuca, Sargassum. We try our best to provide high quality with competit
From SOVIMEXCO., Ltd [Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh]

       Sell seaweed( Gracilaria) 02-06-2011

We are SOVIMEX CO.,LTD from Viet Nam, one of the leading enterprises specializing in Seaweed (Gracilaria ). We try our best to provide high quality with competitive price and best service.
From SOVIMEXCO., Ltd [Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh]

       red onion for sale 11-07-2010

red onion for sale,red onion,sell red onion,agricultural product stock
From Dominican [littoraldouala]