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       Fabric Cutting Machine 13-07-2017

Laser cutting machine, Laser Cutter, fabric laser cutter, textile laser cutter, garment laser cutter, fabric & textile laser cutter, fabric cutting, textile cutting
From Unikonex Technologies Co.,Ltd [ShanghaiShanghai]

       Airslide belt 29-09-2015

Features: Gyrosigma clear, smoooth ,dimensionally stable, non-deformation Breathability is good, uniform and stable airflow Heat, wear and corrosion resistance Long service life
From Huatao Wire Belt company [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Needle Corrugator Bel 29-09-2015

Features: High temperature resistance Aging resisant,Surface even, Stabilizing size long life time
From Huatao Wire Belt company [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Traction belt 29-09-2015

Features: 4layer transport Belt (for stackers) Good wear-resistance Longlife time
From Huatao Wire Belt company [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Woven Corrugator Belt 29-09-2015

Good moisture absorption Excellent air pemeability stability dimension Suitable for linear speed 200-260m/min High moisture absorption and release Low noise and h
From Huatao Wire Belt company [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Sludge Dewatering Belt 28-05-2015

Uses and features This product is specially designed for wastewater treatment plants as sludge dewatering  mesh belt. It enjoys the features of air and water permeation, while not allowing the slud
From Huatao Wire Belt Factory [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Polyester Spiral Press Filter Belt 28-05-2015

Application: all kinds of industries such as printing and dying, food, salt industry, pharmaceutical, environment protection, process hides, shoe-making, clothing, pottery and other conveyable belt
From Huatao Wire Belt Factory [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Polyester Forming Fabric 28-05-2015

According to the weaving, polyester forming fabric can be divided into 4-shed, 5-shed, 7-shed, 8-shed, 16-shed, 24-shed etc. According to the category, it can be divided into single layer fabric, doub
From Huatao Wire Belt Factory [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Polyester Shrinking Fabric 28-05-2015

Property:No seam marking and Flat surface , Not easily cracked . Long life time and good air permeability .
From Huatao Wire Belt Factory [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Polyester woven dryer fabric 28-05-2015

Features:Ease of seaming/joining,Fabric stability,Drying efficiency,Sheet runnability, Non-marking surface,Wear resistance, Degradation resistance hydrolysis Application:HuaTao polyester woven dryer
From Huatao Wire Belt Factory [hebeishijiazhuang]

       Chenille Yarn Machine 02-04-2010

looking for New and Used Chenille Yarn Machine
From EROS POLYFAB [ PunjabLudhiana]