Swaziland Taiwan Business Expo: 27- 29 July 2010, Taipei, Republic of China on Taiwan
Visits: 1223

The Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority in collaboration with the Federation of Swaziland Employers and Chamber of Commerce invite the business community to participate in an outward investment and trade investment mission to the Republic of China on Taiwan on 27-29 July 2010. The purpose of the mission is to discuss areas of business interest in both economies, and the mission will run parallel to His Majesty’s visit to Taiwan.

 The main highlight of the event will be a Swaziland Investment, Trade and Tourism Conference and Exhibition, which will be hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Association at the Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC). This event seeks to bring together Swazi and Taiwanese private sector to jointly explore trade, investment, and technology transfer and partnership opportunities. In this regard interested companies are expected to submit, in no more than 500 words, what they seek to achieve from this mission, along with an up-to-date company profile. Information on Taiwan and its key sectors is available at the Taiwanese Embassy, SIPA and FSE&CC Offices. The Conference will be a platform for networking, discussions and business to business meetings with the second day dedicated to industry tours and meetings with members of the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. .The private sector in Swaziland can explore trade and investment opportunities in the following areas:

 1.     Information and Communications Technology and Electronics- Nearly half of Taiwan’s exports are in machinery and electrical equipment and as such has become one of the world’s top producers of IT equipment. Furthermore Taiwan is the largest supplier of contract computer chips and is the leading LCD panel manufacturer, DRAM computer memory, networking equipment and consumer electronics.  

2.     Manufacturing – Taiwan’s imports are dominated by agricultural and industrial raw materials and capital goods. As Taiwanese per capita income levels have risen, demand for imported, high-quality consumer goods has also increased. 

 3.     Agriculture- Taiwan’s main crops are rice, sugar cane, fruits and vegetables and are a net importer of wheat and meat products. Taiwan also exports fish, aquaculture and sea products, canned and frozen vegetables and grain products. Imports of agricultural products have increased in the past few years.

Members who would like to participate in the mission are kindly requested to submit their name, company profile and area of interest before 30 June 2010. This will help us to compile in-depth information that pertains to each area of interest. 

We will gladly disseminate the main laws and regulations concerning trade in the Republic of China to members who will indicate their interest. We remain at your disposal should you require further information and/or assistance.

Information on hotels, estimated cost of travel, departure and arrival dates is available at the FSE&CC and SIPA Offices.

NB: All delegate members are responsible for their cost of travel, accommodation and upkeep. SIPA will endeavour to negotiate bulk booking rates and accommodation if delegates will utilize the negotiated and suggested travel agent.


   Source: business-swaziland.com    Author: business-swaziland.com