Looking for Cheap Ways to Bring New Life to Your Bathroom
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 Looking for Cheap Ways to Bring New Life to Your Bathroom?

Bathroom renovations are not a cheap undertaking - let's just put that right out there. It's this reason that prevents many homeowners from performing any type of upgrades to their bathroom, even during times when other renovations are happening throughout the home.


And while there may not be much that we can do about the cost of a total bathroom renovation, we can help you bring a new style to your existing bathroom and improve the space where you prepare for the day ahead or relax from a hectic day past.


A New Color

There seems to be a general consensus among designers that bathrooms all have to be white. But not just white, extremely white. And while this might look nice in a render or even for the first few months of use, it can become pretty dirty very quickly and start to lose its appeal.

For this reason, consider changing the style of your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint. Look for richer colors like reds or greens which not only hide any dirt which builds up but also add warmth and a relaxing feel to your bathroom.


Change Your Lighting

There is a good chance that your bathroom is being lit by a single bulb in the middle of your (likely white) ceiling. While this may do the job of lighting your bathroom it isn’t doing anything pleasant when it comes to lighting your reflection.

Instead of a completely new lighting installation, look through the range of smart LED bulbs. These devices can be connected to your existing light sockets and provide a range of functions, such as:


? Change the brightness

? Change the intensity

? Adjust the hue

? Change the color

? Even have a disco in your bathroom with music-reactive lights


All of this is possible by connecting your smartphone to the light bulb. But don't worry, you don't need to use your phone each time that you just want to turn the light on. These devices let you set a default mode of your choosing which will become active each time that you turn on your light using the regular light switch.


Maximize Your Mirror

If you are still using the regular mirror which came with your home then this tip is for you! Replace this with a mirror that opens up to a set of shelves. The shelves don't need to be large, just have a depth great enough to allow you to store your beauty creams.


By clearing these items from your countertop you can not only help to open up the space you have but keep them all organized and clean, ready for use each time.


Just because you don’t have the budget for a total bathroom renovation doesn’t mean that you are stuck with the original bathroom you have had for decades, for decades longer. Take on these tips above and enjoy a new bathroom!

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