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Lime Shaft Kiln
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    Date: 10-07-2012
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    Product details

    Lime is used for producing cement for the construction industry. Lime is very important for many other uses and chemical applications, to produce gypsum wallboard or drywall panels, to neutralize toxic chemicals, for air pollution
    control scrubbing systems, for neutralizing the acidity of soil for agricultural, and Vertical Lime Kilns are used for the production of sugar. Lime is used for pigment in paints.
    Features of Lime Shaft Kiln:
    1. At the middle calcined part of kiln, it keeps the combustion temperature at 1050℃ through dry gas and burning normally. The CO2 decomposed is discharged out by side road which can reduce the pressure of decomposed part so that the limestone can decompose sufficiently, improve the lime quality and capacity.
    2. Lime shaft kiln uses innovative design to synchronize the limestone and lime to the whereabouts of uniform and by calcining zone. The activity of lime is more than 380ml (this kind calcining process eliminates the raw burning and over-burning phenomenon completely).

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