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Stretch Selvedge Denim fabric custom Stretch Denim Fabric Stretch Selvedge Denim fabric
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    Date: 10-07-2020
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    Product details

     Stretch Selvedge Denim fabric  custom Stretch Denim Fabric   Stretch Selvedge Denim fabric   stretch denim fabric wholesale


    Stretch Selvedge Denim fabric Description

    Article No.



    99%Cotton 1%Lycra


    (Rope dye) Indigo blue


    11.7oz before wash

    Full Width

    32/33 inch


    3/1 Z twill


    2-4% / 6-8%


    Siro cotton yarn dyed in indigo with slubs


    Cotton lycra core spun yarn


    Comfort stretch, Desizing finish


    Skyline Textile stretch denim fabric Definition

    Desizing: Desizing removes the solution added to the fabric during the sizing process. Through the use of desizing agents, the sizing is either degraded or solubilized. Enzymatic desizing, the most popular method of desizing, uses amylase enzymes to eat away at the sizing; however, the process can also be accomplished with an oxidizing agent or sulfuric/hydrochloric acid.


    Slubs: Slubs are areas in a length of yarn than are abnormally thick due to uneven spinning. Once considered flaws, slubs are now sometimes purposely added to yarns to give the finished woven material more character.


    Selvedge Denim Fabric Rope Dyeing


    Rope dyeing consists of twisting the yarns into a rope that is then quickly dipped into indigo baths. It is considered the best method for dyeing denim as the short dyeing time does not allow the indigo to fully penetrate the fibers, thus creating ring-dyed yarn that fades better and faster than fully dyed yarn.


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