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Corrugation 400mm_x 150mm Nestable Semicircular Corrugated Metal Pipe
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    Brand: Yitong
    Specifications: Corrugation 400mm_x 150mm Nestable Semicircular Corrugated
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    Date: 01-08-2020
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    Product details

     Corrugation 400mm_x 150mm  Nestable Semicircular Corrugated Metal Pipe

    Multiplate structures pipe are approved by most of American road and railways administrations and national standards. They are manufactured in accordance to American and Australia standard.

    1.Multiplate structures pipe can be used as:
    - culverts
    - bridges
    - tunnels
    - under passed
    - ecological crossing
    - pedestrian tunnel
    - hangers
    - shelter
    - warehouse
    - stores for ammunition
    - belt conveyor protection
    - ventilating duct
    - and for reinforcement and reconstruction of existing structures as well.

    Metal corrugated pipe can be used for every class of service load provided that appropriate backfilling is performed.

    Metal corrugated pipeused for mltiplate structure pipe is produced in accordance with Chinese standard.
    Minimum yield strength 235N/mm2 and 345N/mm2
    Steel standard Q235 and Q345
    Also can accordance with EN10025
    Steel standard S355JR, S235JR, S315MC
    And can adopt the other standard steel according to customers’ demand

    3. Durability
    Corrosion resistance of steel is the main factor deciding about the durability of steel structures. Long-term tests done in many countries of world have proven that, the proper corrosion protection of the steel structure let to prolong the life time of structures. Durability of structures built with use of multiplate 150 metal corrugated pipe designed for the zinc coatings give the so-called cathode protection. Thanks to this they can protect the steel also in electrochemical way achieving the multi-elemental corrosion protection system.
    Attention:  in strong corrosion environment, we suggest hot-dip plastic on the galvanization, plastic thick 0.3mm, (single face dip), the durability is more than 100 years.
    When designing the structure plate culvert pipe durability should be considered with regards to:
    - zinc coatings
    - paint coatings
    -sacrificial thickness of steel as allowance for corrosion
    (increasing of the plate thickness)
    - other kinds of protections
    Steel corrugated pipe is necessary to remark that the corrosion points appear most often in the bottom part, where the stress level in the steel structure is the lowest. It means that by designing the structure according the most stressed cross-section-the upper sphere, there is an additional security reserve in scope of the structure durability.
    System of corrosion protection duplex
    For longer structure durability (especially in agressive environment) there is a possibility of the additional corrosion protection by epoxy painting. Protection of structure both with zinc coating and epoxy coating creates duplex system. Also, after assembly Corrugated steel culvert , we can make the duplex corrosion protection according to customers request color and materials.

    Bolts and nuts
    The plate making up the structures are connected by high strength bolts of grade not lower than 8.8. Their length varies with the thickness of the steel plates. Generally shorter bolts will be used to join two plates, longer bolts for three plate laps. Nuts should be situated from inside of culvert for bottom an corner plates, but in top plates the nuts should be situated from outside of culvert.

    Steel corrugated pipe corrugation 400mm * 150mm is the latest R & D product of Yitong company,  greater resistance to deformation waveform such products stronger, applied in  large-scale projects, and it is stronger resistance to stress, such products  have been exported to Russia and Middle East countries.

    wall thickness Diameter

































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