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SiRuite Supercapacitor with low internal resistance and low leakage current 5.5V 0.1F V type /5.5V 0
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Brand: 4234
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Date: 13-01-2021
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Product details
Supercapacitors have long been used in a specialized market between conventional capacitors and batteries, and this specialized market is growing as more new applications are discovered. Supercapacitors are replacing batteries in data storage applications that require medium to high current/short duration backup power and battery backups due to sudden outages. Specific applications include 3.3V memory backed up solid-state drives (SSDs), battery-powered portable industrial and medical devices, industrial alarms, and smart power meters. Compared to batteries, ultracapacitors provide greater peak power, have a smaller external size, have a longer charge cycle life over a wider operating temperature range, have a lower equivalent series resistance (ESR), and provide a higher power density. Compared to standard ceramic, tantalum or electrolyte capacitors, ultracapacitors offer a higher energy density with a similar shape and weight. The life of the ultracapacitors can be maximized by reducing the top-off voltage of the ultracapacitors and avoiding high temperatures (>50°C). The wide temperature range (usually between -40℃ and 65℃) and high power density can ensure the smooth start of tanks, armored vehicles and other high-horsepower military vehicles, especially in the cold winter, and its high power density can also be used as the pulse energy of laser weapons. In the civilian sector, ultracapacitors are also playing a big role. For example, an ultracapacitor can be used to power a camera's flash, which can be used continuously to improve the camera's ability to shoot continuously, and to control the camera's shutter. In addition, with the development of electronics and energy industry, ultracapacitors play an irreplaceable role in short-time UPS systems, solar power systems and other maintenance-free systems. Because ultracapacitors can be charged and discharged at high power levels, ultracapacitors could be used in some vehicles to store braking energy from trains or large buses, providing peak power output during acceleration. Because the charging and discharging speed is very fast, the ultracapacitor can be fully charged instantaneously, and enough to run to the next station, within a short time of the vehicle pulling into the station. This eliminates the need to carry a pantograph on the vehicle, and eliminates the need to erect high-voltage lines along the way, which reduces construction costs. Weight 119320g Material Collector, Activated Carbon, Electrolyte Packing Size 57.5*32.5*22.5 (Length * Width * Height Unit cm)
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