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Title: Yanmar diesel fuel injection pump Yanmar fuel pump
Price: 10/299
Date: 14-02-2019
Valid for: permanent
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Here is a list of Yanmar diesel engine models for which we provide the fuel pump: 
2TNV70-ASA fuel pump, 2TNV70-HE fuel pump,
3TNM68-ASA fuel pump, 3TNM68-HE fuel pump, 
3TNM72-ASA fuel pump, 3TNM72-GGE fuel pump, 3TNM72-HGE fuel pump, 
3TNM74F-NGGE fuel pump, 3TNM74F-NHGE fuel pump, 3TNV74F-SDSA fuel pump, 
3TNV70-ASA fuel pump, 3TNV70-GGE fuel pump, 3TNV70-HGE fuel pump, 
3TNV76-CSA fuel pump, 3TNV76-GGE fuel pump, 3TNV76-HGE fuel pump, 
3TNV80F-NGGE fuel pump, 3TNV80F-SDSA fuel pump, 
3TNV82A-BDSA fuel pump, 3TNV82A-GGE fuel pump, 
3TNV84T-BGGE fuel pump, 3TNV84T-BKSA fuel pump, 4TNV84T-BGGE fuel pump, 4TNV84T-ZDSAD fuel pump, 
3TNV88-BDSA fuel pump, 3TNV88-BGGE fuel pump, 3TNV88C-DYEM fuel pump, 3TNV88F-UGGE fuel pump, 
4TNV88-BDSA fuel pump, 4TNV88-BGGE fuel pump, 4TNV88C-DYEM fuel pump, 
4TNV98C-NYEM fuel pump, 4TNV98T-ZGGE fuel pump, 4TNV98T-ZNSAD fuel pump, 4TNV98-ZGGE fuel pump, 4TNV98-ZNSAD fuel pump, 
L100V fuel pump, L48V fuel pump, L70V fuel pump, 
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