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  • Type:
    Title: portable hardness tester
    Price: 400/set
    Date: 06-07-2017
    Valid for: 1 year
    Transaction type: Cash transactions
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    1.Based on Leeb (HL), Converted to Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Rockwell (HRC and HRB), Shore (HS) and tensile strength (MPa).

    2.6 hardness scales, each scale can be calibrated independently.

    3.Embedded high speed thermal printer.

    4.Automatic identification of the impact device.

    5.To derive the testing data easily by the special PC software.

    6.USB 2.0 Port to connect PC for convenient operation.

    7.Suitable for multiple impact devices, 7 different Impact devices optional.

    8.128x64 Dot Matrix LCD Display with backlight & contrast adjustable.

    9.Preset measurement times (1-32) to calculate the average value automatically.

    10.Preset upper and and lower limit.

    11.dimension7.8×3.2×1.2 in inch