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Title: Air bearing casters price and details
Price: 110/220
Date: 28-06-2018
Valid for: permanent
Transaction types: All
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 Air casters applied on moving and handling equipment easily and safety. 

Air casters also know as air bearing casters, air film transporters, air rigging systems, air moving skates and so on names.

Air bearing casters require a suitable floor to work, the floor surface would be smooth, flat, non-porous and have low friction characteristics. Normally concrete floor is workable.

Air casters can not be works on heavily textured floors, broom-finished concrete floors. 

Modular air casters need the floor no cracks, if there have cracks please be filled and put tapes on it.

Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD produce all kinds of air casters professionally for more than 20 years, air casters are very powerfully.

Air bearing casters need to works at flatness, non-porous, non-waters floors. If there have cracks, please filled it and put tapes on it.

Air moving skates diaphragms are constructed of smooth textured and completely homogeneous material.

Regarding air casters pictures, air bearing casters price, air moving skates details, air rigging systems more information, please kindly feel free contact us. professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.

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