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    Title: lamp
    Price: 2000usd/3000USD
    Date: 30-05-2019
    Valid for: 1 month
    Transaction types: All
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    Technical parameters


    Specification and model: led700/500


    Illumination (LED700) : 40,000-180,000 Lux


    Illumination (LED500) : 30,000-160,000 Lux


    Color temperature: 3700K~5000K (adjustable)


    Color rendering index: 85~98 (adjustable)


    Spot diameter: 160mm~280mm (adjustable)


    Focusing depth: 1200mm


    Brightness adjustment: 1%~100%


    That covers up: < 1


    LED service life: 80,000 hours


    Power supply: AC100~240V 50/60hz