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    Title: Ketamine For depression
    Price: 550/7000
    Date: 19-10-2022
    Valid for: permanent
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     For individuals with Treatment-resistant depression (TRD), debilitating anxiety, persistent PTSD, and chronic pain,

    Description: ketamine is White or slightly off-white Crystal ketamine Or Powder 

    Street Names of ketamine: Special K, vitamin K, KET, Ketty

    Methods of Use:Inhaled, Ingested, Injected

    Category: Perception-distorting (Substance that alters sensory perception. It causes changes in user’s mood, thoughts and consciousness)

    Stimulant (Substance that activates the psychic functions by increasing wakefulness and general brain activity. By accelerating the thinking process, it makes the user more alert and energetic.)

    ketamine Commonly Cited Effects: Hallucinations, visual distortions, feeling of dissociation from mind and body, numbs pain

    Detection Method: Insensitive to pain, difficulty in reasoning, confusion, coordination problems, slurred speech


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