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Title: Dairy Products
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Date: 16-05-2010
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We are continuously engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of milk and milk products that are of excellent quality and true worth of our customer’s money. Our true commitment towards maintaining the quality has given us wide acceptance in the market. Today our range of products are widely accepted and loved by everyone. The gamut of products offered by us encompasses the following:

• Skimmed Milk Powder
• Full Cream Milk Powder
• Instant Full Cream Milk Powder
• Whey Protein Concentrate
• Sweetened Condensed Milk
• Dairy Whitener
• Butter
• Pure Ghee
• Cheese

Skimmed Milk Powder
The skimmed milk powder supplied by us is completely fat free and consumed by people who are very much health conscious. It is high protein dried milk powder made from fresh skimmed milk which is smooth and homogeneous in texture and tastes great. This milk powder easily get dissolves in lukewarm water and tastes just like ordinary milk. This product can be used in preparing a variety of milk based products such as:
• Tea
• Coffee
• Ice-cream
• Milk-shake
• Curd
• Chenna
• Khova

Full Cream Milk Powder
We provide best quality whole milk powder/Full Cream Milk Powder which is manufactured from pure milk and have all the essential nutrients and act as a common substitute of milk. Milk powder manufactured by us is pure, refined and free of lumps. We Provides various packaging so that customers can purchase according to their requirements.

Instant Full Cream Milk Powder:
Instant full cream milk powder is made from fresh premium quality full cream cow’s milk by a spray-drying process and has the following qualities:
• It contains all nutrients of fresh milk
• It is rich in vitamins A and D3
• Its uniform granulation ensures smooth reconstitution.
• High expansion properties due to level of protein remaining after spray                         drying process.
Instant full cream milk powder has a rich and creamy taste. It mixes easily in hot or cold water and can be used for making hot and cold drinks, yoghurt, sweets, milkshakes and for adding to breakfast cereals.
Sweetened Condensed Milk
We provide world-class condensed milk that is hygienically packed and is rich in taste, owing to our stringent quality control procedures. The processing of condensed milk involves a series of steps such as:
• Standardization
• Sugar addition
• Evaporation
• Cooling
• Seeding
• Crystallization
• Packaging in sterilized cans or packs
Whey Protein Concentrate
We offer whey protein concentrate that is prepared with all the essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids. These supplements are primarily useful for people engaged in rigorous workouts and physical labor. Our range of whey protein is delicious in taste and is packaged maintaining all the required hygiene levels.

Dairy Whitener
Our company is offering a range of dairy whitener that is made from premium quality ingredient and gives the taste of pure, fresh milk. Special attention is paid to maintain the hygiene level of the product while packaging so that there is no loss of flavor.

Pasteurized butter is one of the few food items that has a mouth-watering appeal to it and is popular among all ages. Keeping the same in mind, we manufacture premium quality butter that is processed from pure cow milk and has a rich flavor and aroma.


We offer pure & natural clarified and free from any additives. We follow a completely hygiene procedures to manufacture best quality ghee. The complete process is carried out by the automatic machines which ensure complete safe and hygiene ghee.

We offer Cheese which is high in quality and rich in tastes. A tasty by-product of milk it is consumed in almost all the homes and mostly loved by all the children. It is highly nutritious and can be eaten even by the heart patients. We offer best quality cheese which is checked for bacterial tests and provide good tastes to the cooked food. Cheese is prepared hygienically preserving all the important nutrition.

We ensure superior quality packaging of all our products. This ensures convenient shipment & longer shelf life. We offer different packing from a small consumer pack like tins & pouches to a bulk packing or as per customer’s requirement.

We also provide packaging in your brand name and design. We have in-house designing department which will help us to develop a very good design for your packaging requirement.