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    Title: Bonzai Chopper
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    Date: 27-06-2010
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    Bonzai Chopper - The ingenious, quick-chop kitchen helper.

    Bonzai Chopper makes ultra thin shoestring fries, minces nuts, garlic, ginger and more!
    The Bonzai Chopper is an ingenious machine that will help you chop and dice quickly. The secret behind the Bonzair Chopper is the sharp stainless steel cutting blades that will give you perfectly chopped slices every time. Plus, it is completely safe because your hands will never touch the blades. Now your whole family can help you cook.

    The Bonzai Chopper is perfect making shoestring fries, minced nuts, ginger, garlic and more! Plus, it is also great for chopping fruits, cheeses and vegetables.

    Remember how we said you will never touch the blades of the Bonzai Chopper? This is because you don't touch them while you chop and you don't have to touch them to clean it, because it is completely dishwasher safe.

    Offer includes:

    Bonzai Chopper

    Fine Mincer Blade
    3 pc. Bonzai Storage Set
    Magic 3 pc. Bonzai Storage Set: Store your food in the freezer and go right to the microwave in seconds. Plus the lid changes color so you know when your food is ready!