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    Date: 01-07-2010
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    China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand , Dubai , Iran and Indonesia

    Welcome to Aqua World Aquarium tanks and accessories Importer & Exporter, buyer, Supplier, wholesaler
    Aqua World Aquarium Importer & Exporter as established in Year-2003 by a group of local importers-wholsalers who is interested in importing aquarium tanks and accessories directly from factories in China maineland and Taiwan , Hongkong & Thailand to international wholesalers. For more than 15 years, we have supplying aquarium tanks and accessories and pond equipments to major exporters from USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Now, we come into the market to offer you the high quality aquarium tanks and accessories with best prices.

    We import & wholesale aquarium Tanks, accessories, all salt water tank equipments & fresh water and tropical aquarium , marine aquarium accessories like : air pump, compressors, external & internal filter, power heads, submarsable pumps & filters, aquarium heaters, thermometers, PH test Kits, CO2 & Calcium reactors, CO2 defusers, air stones, skimmers, thermostats, water conditioners, fish dry food, fish frozen food, Fish medicines, acrylic tanks, glass tanks, aquarium stands, aquarium back grounds, aquarium decorations, pond accessories, pond pumps, pond filters , pond equipment, goldfish food, koi food, all tropical & salt water and fresh water fish desease treatments medicines and chemicals, pet food, pet accessories.

    Our strong relationship with the local Asian manufacturers of aquarium tanks and accessories also ensures that we are usually the pioneer in the market with a new variety of products.

    Customers like you always stay ahead of the competition in your local market.