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Company Introduction
(Guangzhou XF Professional Casino poker gambling cheat Co., Ltd) Guangzhou XF poker Cheat. Co., Ltd is the first Chinese company which was granted a License for manufacturing, distribution and service of casino and gamble cheat related devices, such as smart poker Automatic Analytic Software , poker analyzer ,Hidden Marked Pokers, poker Exchange Series, magical Perspective Series ,smart dices Series and Wireless Receive & display Devices. Besides, poker cheat , marked cards, poker changer ,casino dices sell at a good price!
Below you may see a presentation of our offer:
1 NEW!!!Poker Analyzer(poker card read) to report all the pokers or report which payer is biggest and bigger to you in just 1 second,support for all poker games:Blackjack, Mau Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas hold em poker cheat, seca Russian poker game..........
2 NEW!!! NO.10th Poker Smoothsayer (poker card read) support 3 decks of poker. newest in gamble market.
3 NEW!!! Micro cameras that can see through cards without them being marked.
Perspective glasses that allow the person wearing them to see cards marked with invisible ink.
4 new!!! Playing cards with a code marked through and phone, ashtray, money,purse,lighter,painting with incorporated micro-camera able to recognize the code and transmit it on a laptop (range of 5,000 meters). This way you’ll have a sure win because from outside you’ll be able to see the pack of cards used during the game. This is the strongest system in the world.
5. remote controlled magnetic dices,to get whatever number you need..
6. contact lenses, custom designed in the laboratory, able to help the person using them to identify cards marked with invisible ink.
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Location: Guangdong·Guangzhou
Company address: Airport Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China
Contact person: Andy Poker(sales manager)
Mobile phone: +8613926243807
Mobile phone +8613926243807
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Registration time: 01-11-2016
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