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Company Introduction
We began as most companies do, with an idea. Since the mid 90s of last century, Chinese industry has been growing rapidly, there is a great demand for industrial computer for factory automation . Different with personal computer, the requirements of industrial computer is diversified and each requirement doesnt demand a big quantity. Industrial computer producers dont like this, they like mass production and sell their standard models. The founders of SHINHO want to create a special factory , which is flexible, efficient, tailored, to produce customized products to meet customers diversified requirements.
In the beginning of the startup, the going was a bit rough, we integrated the resources and technologies to make customized industrial panel PCs and touch screen monitors for our customers . More and more experienced engineers and technicians joined us , that gave us the great strength for supplying custom solution to meet any requirements of our customers . Through many years of accumulation , our products and services extended gradually from initial industrial automation to commercial smart terminals, intelligent devices, human-machine interface etc. Now we have wide range of products , but always , our core value is customization.
Market demand and customer needs would push our development into new realms of possibility, we will consistently adhere to customization . From hardware to software , from specific project to overall solution , our professional , flexible, advanced manufacturing capability will make your product idea to a reality.
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Location: Guangdong·Shenzhen
Company address: Longhua Street, Longhua New District
Contact person: Donnie Nie(sales manager)
Mobile phone: 13163734006
Mobile phone 13163734006
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