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Company Introduction
Air bearing casters powered by compressed air, no electric spark, and low profile, is safety. And compressed air will save cost.
Air casters is no environmental pollution because the power source is compressed air.
Air bearing casters is easy to operating, anyone can operate it with no special training is workable. Air skates applied on moving and handling equipment easily and safety
Air casters have five models, five capacity wait for choice: 10 tons, (22,000 LBS) air skate, 16 tons (35,200 LBS) air moving system. 20 tons (44,000 LBS) air load moving device, 32 tons (70,400 LBS) air load roller skate, 48 tons (105,600LBS) air load moving skate.
Air bearing movers save your workers,impove efficiency, have a long working life.normally have no maintains.
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Location: qindao·shandong
Company address: xiang streeet
Contact person: yan(export)
Mobile phone: 0189232312312
Mobile phone 0189232312312
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Air casters is one kind of mat   
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