TopBuySell Intermediary Guarantee of Payment service

To secure transactions between buyers and sellers, provides our members with trustworthy and reliable Intermediary Guarantee of Payment service.
Simple steps of the service:

a. the buyer and the seller have contacted each other and both agree the order details;
b. the buyer and the seller contact us to request Intermediary Guarantee of Payment service;
c. we respond to your request and reply to you with details;
d. the buyer makes the payment to us first via bank transfer;
e. we notify the seller after we have received the payment;
f. the seller delivers the products to the buyer and email us details including tracking number;
g. the buyer has received the products;
h. we transfer the buyer's payment to the seller.

Actually, we will do much more work than above simple steps including verifying and checking plenty of info of the buyer and the seller. We will have even more strict ways to verify if the payment is a large sum of money.

This trustworthy service is a premium financial service, but we only charge a small percentage of the total amount of each order. Please contact us for details.

Tip: Requirement of this service: The amount of each order should be at least USD 100.
This trustworthy service fee: From USD 50 + a small percentage of your order.

Note: When using other ways of payment but not our Intermediary Guarantee of Payment service, buyers and sellers have full responsibility & liability for any risks and financial loss. In this case, we suggest buyers and sellers contact each other directly for details including authentication to avoid scams.
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