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FDY-1250 Full Automatic Baler Machine,baler machine for paper,paper baler machine
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    Date: 14-07-2020
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    Product details

     FDY-1250 Full Automatic Baler Machine,baler machine for paper,paper baler machine


    Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like waste paper, cardboards/cartons, PET bottles, magazines, plastic film and fabrics, straw etc.



    * automatic compressing, strapping, wire cutting and bale ejecting. High efficiency and labor saving.

    * Particular anti-slide design of the machine makes nicer bales

    * Three sides convergent way, counter loop type, tightening and loosening through the oil cylinder automatically.

    * It configures with PLC program, operated simply and equipped with automatic feeding detection, can compress bale automatically, realize unmanned operation.

    * It designs as special automatic strapping device, quickly, simple frame, acting stably, low failure rate and easy to maintain.

    * It has a function of automatic fault diagnosis, improving the efficiency of detection.

    * Used our own hydraulic technology to save energy and protect environment.

    * Adopt the vessel classification of welding process to ensure that equipment is more stable and reliable.

    * Adopt the Schneider appliances.

    * Adopt the Chinese local imported seals to ensure without phenomenon of oil leak and improve the service life of the cylinder.

    * Block size and voltage can be customized according to customers' reasonable requirements. Bales weight depends on different materials.

    * Adjustable bales length and bales quantity accumulating function make the operation of the machine more convenient

    It equipped with the starting motor and the booster motor to save power, energy consumption and cost.

    As a material recovery facility (mrf) manufacturer, PEAKS ECO can provide municipal solid waste(msw), waste to energy, Waste Recycling Machine, waste transfer station project, waste sorting system such as baler machine, waste transfer station system including overground vertical waste transfer station system and underground vertical waste transfer station system.

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