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nema 23 closed loop nema 23 closed loop stepper
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    Industry-leading algorithm

    The SS57 closed-loop stepper motor driver uses a high-characteristic photoelectric encoder to feedback the position to the Cotex-M4 ARM core processor. The position is adjusted in real-time every 50us, and it can respond quickly to position commands. The position response speed is better than that of various types that have appeared on the the market for many years. It can make the equipment have higher processing accuracy, higher-finish, and more perfect product details.


    Automatic current adjustment

    The SS57 closed-loop stepper motor driver can automatically adjust the step length and automatically adjust the current according to the load. Under low load conditions, the current is automatically adjusted to the lowest level, thereby reducing motor noise and heat. When the the load is suddenly increased, the current is fast and real-time Adjust to the optimal value to maintain high-precision position control and

    high-speed operation without losing a step.


    The motor stops stably without any shaking

    The SS57 closed-loop stepper motor driver continuously feedbacks through the encoder to detect the difference between the reference position and the actual position. When the closed-loop stepper motor reaches the target position, it stops stably without any vibration and becomes the series of SS hybrid servo motors (closed-loop step Into the motor) is one of the biggest advantages different from the traditional servo motor.


    No need for parameter tuning design

    The closed-loop stepper motor driver is simple to use and doesn’t require parameter settings. The traditional servo position PID algorithm needs to adjust the control parameters according to the load to produce the best control effect. The tuning process is complicated. The SS42 closed-loop stepper motor driver realizes the fast positioning of the closed-loop stepper motor through precise step adjustment technology, almost no need Tuning the control parameters of the position loop avoid the trouble of parameter setting adjustments during customer use.


    The closed-loop stepper motor driver is simple to use and doesnt require parameter settings. nema 23 encoder is one of our main product, our company is a leader in the industry and we will not disappoint you.


    Located in Dongguan city (the world factory), as a stepper motor manufacturer, stepper motor manufacturers, planetary gear reducer manufacturer, bldc motor manufacturer, we demonstrate our professionalism in OEM/ODM production in the past 9 years.


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