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KTQ submersible slurry pump
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    Date: 17-04-2021
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    Product details

     KTQ submersible slurry pump   mining pump exporter   centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer


    KATI-mine pump Application and Feature

    KTQ Series of submersible slurry pump is single stage and suction. The pump has stirring impeller at the bottom. It integrated with motor is submerged into water. so, the precipitated sludge can be stirred and pumped away as much as possible. The wet-part of this pump is made of wear-resistant alloy which is high wear resistance. It has wide wet-passage and can handle slurry which contains bigger solid. This series of pump is manufactured on the basis of domestic and foreign advanced technology. The submersible motor is fitted with leakage, over-heat and moisture protection in order to ensure the operation without default in the harsh conditions


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