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5X-12 Fine Seed Cleaner
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    Specifications: 5X-12 Fine Seed Cleaner
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    Date: 06-05-2021
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    Product details

     5X Series Synmec Fine Seed Cleaner adopting the international advanced technology, developed by powerful research is a world-class localization air screen type cleaning equipment. It can be widely used for processing wheat, rice, corn, barley, peas and many other seed.  It can also be used for all kinds of grain selection process.

    air cleaning Processing Machine manufacturer Introduction:

    The 5X series China fine  seed cleaner is a universal machine well suited for pre- and fine 

    cleaning many different species of grain and seeds.
    The standard design of the machine is provided with both pre- and after suction units.
    Quick screen changing from pre-cleaning into fine cleaning by the operator serves to optimize the cleaning tasks.

    Air cleaning and sieve separating for 5X series Fine Seed Cleaner

    The sieve separating effect of the 7m2 (for 5X-5) and 15 m2 (for 5X-12) total screen area is increased by SYNMEC’s highly effective pre and after suction system, extracting light impurities and dust from the material both at the machine inlet and outlet. The exhausted waste, dust and lightweight trash is deposited in two separate expansion chambers and conveyed to the machine outlets by two discharge augers which are equipped with a multi-flap air system to prevent ingress of air. The expansion chambers are designed for connection to a separate exhaust air blower.

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