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5XZ-6 Gravity Separator With Air Blowing Type
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    Specifications: 5XZ-6 Gravity Separator With Air Blowing Type
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    Date: 06-05-2021
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    Product details

     5XZ-6 Gravity Separator With Air Blowing Type

    5XZ series Synmec Gravity separator is suitable for efficient grading all cereals, grains ,pulses ,beans and seeds of all crops such as coffee bean, wheat, paddy, barely, maize, millets, sunflower seed, soybean, oil seeds ,rice etc.

    5X Series Air Blowing Gravity Separator China is used to separate material with same size and different in specific weight. It can efficiently remove partially eaten, immature, insect damaged sick seed from the seed. To achieve high grading quality of seed , gravity separator become the basic machinery for every seed company.

    seeds Gravity Separator manufacturer Introduction

    5XZ-3/5/10 Gravity Separator (Air Blowing type) works on a fluidized bed principle. Material is fed on oscillating sieve deck. By the pressure of air & deck oscillation, material is fluidized and stratified. Heavy fraction sink into the deck while light fraction suspend in fluidized state. Deck oscillates causing heavy and light fraction travel in separate paths and collected separately.

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