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NPK 19-19-19+TE water soluble fertilizer
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    Specifications: NPK 19-19-19+TE water soluble fertilizer
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    Product details

     NPK 19-19-19+TE water soluble fertilizer

    water soluble fertilizer for sale is fast-acting which entirely soluble in water with no residues. Crops can soak up the nutrients straight by roots as well as vegetation. Water soluble plant food's absorption price is doubled than various other typical fertilizers', which can get to 80% - 90% to accomplish efficient nutrients usage.
    NPK Water soluble fertilizer for irrigation use can supply rich & balanced nutrients to satisfy the requirements for quick growing of high-yielding crops. It can be utilized in drip irrigation system to save up 30% water use.
    Various sorts of water soluble plant food, such as chlorine-based, sulphur-based, urea-based as well as nitrate-based, can satisfy the requirements for different soil problem, expanding duration as well as fertilizing technique.
    Medium Element (Ca, Mg, S) as well as Trace Element (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, B, Mo) or (EDTA-Fe, EDTA-Zn, EDTA-Cu, EDTA-Mn) can be included as special using fertilizers.
    Sanyuan Jiuqi water soluble npk fertilizer Application
    Foliar Spray: Dilute 800-1200 times, with 15-20 days intervals.
    For vegetables or blossoms: 600g/ha
    For fruit trees: 1000g/ha
    Irrigation Fertigation
    For veggies or blossoms:250 kg/ha.
    For fruit trees: 300kg/ha.
    Ideally used in the very early spring.
    Can be blended with all water soluble fertilizers or chemicals, other than supply services including calcium or magnesium. In this instance, two storage tanks are needed or fertilizers should be applied independently.
    Do not add surfactant to the storage tank mix.
    Never spray plants under strees.
    Test for feasible side-effects or phytotoxicity by a tiny trial, spraying a week prior to the desired business therapies.
    After spraying rinse the sprayer and all its parts thoroughly with fresh water.

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