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Control release type fertilizer NPK 6-25-19 polymer coated fertilizer
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    Specifications: Control release type fertilizer NPK 6-25-19 polymer coated f
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    Date: 15-06-2021
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    Product details

     Control release type fertilizer NPK 6-25-19 polymer coated fertilizer

    Polymer covered, centre granular utilizing our brand-new innovation compound granular, shape round as well as attire
    According dirt and climate situation, long life has different choice
    Constant nutrients (NPK) supplement for plants. Nutrients inside release gradually and regularly over several months
    Rise yield, system income as well as plant food use efficiency
    Reduce application times, device dose as well as nutrition loss, conserve labor. Only solitary application per period
    Nutrients are safeguarded from prompt dissolution, the polymer layer manage the neutrients around the origin location as well as slowly launch
    Improve origin development, equilibrium endogenous hormonal agents, induce floral bud as well as boost leaf color
    npk fertilizer wholesale Environmentally friendly

    Thing 1: out surface is polymer coat, this layer plays crucial duty in the releasing process. Because of the specialized of this product as well as precise layer procedure, makes the final product with perfect slow release effectiveness
    Thing 2: inside core utilizing our brand-new innovation compound plant food, makes the appearance with round and also uniform dimension, and the layer stick with the core.

    Sanyuan Jiuqi NPK Control Released Fertilizer Basic Information

    Chemical formula----NPK/NP/NK

    Nutrition content---- Nitrogen, phosphate, potassium

    Medium element: MgO, CaO, S

    Trace elements: Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo, B

    Longevity---- 30/60/90 days

    Appearance----- Colored granular, different colors can be customized

    Moisture----- 2% Maximum

    Package----- 10kg/25kg/50kg/ jumbo bag

    Capacity----- 26-27MTS per 20' FCL

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