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NPK 14-14-14 Bulk Blended Fertilizer
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    Specifications: NPK 14-14-14 Bulk Blended Fertilizer
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    Date: 15-06-2021
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    Product details

     NPK 14-14-14 Bulk Blended Fertilizer

    Sanyuan Jiuqi BB Fertilizer is short for Bulk Blended NPK substance fertilizer.BB plant food, which is a compound fertilizer that is combined with a single fertilizer or substance plant food by a specific percentage. The overall nutrient can be generated according to the purchaser's demands, which can meet the demands of plant growth and also nutrition, enhance the top quality of plant items, as well as increase the earnings and also various other characteristics. The BB plant food character is like follows: granule uniformity, low dampness, moderate granule strength, no pile, easy to use and inexpensive.
    The solution of Bulk Blended NPK substance fertilizer China which has Nitrogen( N), Phosphate( P2O5) as well as Potassium( K2O) can be flexibly transformed according to the crop's nutrition demand, local dirt fertility, crops growing degrees and various other problems, as a result BB Fertilizer is extra clinical and targeted especially for balance fertilizing
    Medium Element (Ca, Mg, S) and Trace Element (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, B, Mo) or (EDTA-Fe, EDTA-Zn, EDTA-Cu, EDTA-Mn) can be included as special making use of fertilizers.
    1. NPK bulk blending fertilizer for sale can be made use of as top dressing fertilizer.Top clothing application is adaptable as well as be utilized according to the different phases of plant development expressed by the absence of elements.Top dressing plant food is normally quick performing, such as water soluble bulk mixing fertilizer.And methods are generally water flushing, burying, spreading, drip irrigation etc.
    2. NPK bulk blending fertilizer can be utilized as base plant food or basal clothing. It is related to dirt before plant been sowing or transplanting.Base plant food are supply basal nutrients for the entire development stage, create better dirt condition as well as boost dirt condition.This method is better for growing densely booming crops.
    3. wholesale NPK mass blending fertilizer can be utilized as seed plant food(seed manure). Seed plant foods are used at the same time as seeding or mixing with seeds. It is the most affordable fertilization method.In the sowing or transplanting, the fertilizer related to the location of the seed or combined with the seed supply nutrients for the early growth of plants. As the fertilizer straight applied to the location of the seed, it is essential to strictly control the quantity and choice of plant food selections, so as not to trigger burning, poor types, causing seedling busted ridge.

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