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H1.25-400w wind-solar hybrid power system
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    Brand: Anhui Hummer Dynamo
    Specifications: H1.25-400w wind-solar hybrid power system
    Type New
    Date: 30-10-2011
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     1. Hummer H1.25-400w wind-solar hybrid power system is an innovative ,environmentaly source 

     2. It is cost effective and simple to install 

     3. H1.25-400w wind-solar hybrid power  systemis a new concept in amenity  lighting designed  for the 21st Century providing illumination at almost any  location remote from  the grid  electricity supply

     4. It is an innovative, environmentally friendly source,  an independent outdoor lighting   system that  is cost effective and wind generator  simple to install almost anywhere

     5.As a professional manufacturer of wind turbine from 400w -30kw , 

     we always provide the best solutions of energy saving and environmetal protection 


     Main technical data of Hummer H1.25-400w wind-solar hybrid power system


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    Seller information
    Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd
    Name Tom
    Telephone: 3441230
    Fax: 86-0551-3442991
    Location: 合肥 安徽
    Address: China