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Hummer H8.0-10000W wind generators
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    Brand: Anhui Hummer Dynamo
    Specifications: Hummer H8.0-10000W wind generators
    Type New
    Date: 30-10-2011
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     H8. 0-10kw is a typcial HUMMER smart wind generator. Its ALL-IN-ONE inverter realizes auto-running the complete system. With a series of high-end technologies and refined materials, 10KW wind generator is excellent in generation, stable in output and relaible in practice.

    H8.0-10000w  with efficient generator which is one of the most advancedwind power  generators in the world. Made of refined permanent magnetic material, special copper alloy,aviation aluminum alloy and stainless steel, it is highly efficient in power. Due to the small size, it is able to be placed inside the nose cone to reduce air resistance and incerese efficiency. Due to its advanced technology and refine material, 10KW wind generator can generate more power than you can imagine. Its wind energy utilization ratio is as high as 0. 42 while generator efficiency is >0. 8.

    Furthermore, inside the wind turbine generator we placed a temperature detector. If the temperature rises over alert level, it will stop working automatically.   

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    Seller information
    Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd
    Name Tom
    Telephone: 3441230
    Fax: 86-0551-3442991
    Location: 合肥 安徽
    Address: China