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    Title: Solid Wood Bending Machine
    Price: 50000/6000
    Date: 04-12-2020
    Valid for: 1 month
    Transaction types: Intermediary Payment
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     Solid wood flexing is achieved by softening and also flexing of a whole solid timber which can be processed as bent part with multiple shapes, such as L, U, O as well as S forms which can be applied in the furniture sector.

    Environmental protection, no chemical addition representative, power preservation, high efficiency, smooth line, good flexibility, as well as light weight.
    The form in not only double dimensional contour, like L, O, U, S, however also is multi-dimensional room curve, which can supply the craft assistance for the high-end personalized item.
    No port, no signing up with line, high strength.We are professional Wooden Joining Machine manufacturer, If you want to know more related products, please click here.