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Schneider 140DAI75300 Email:
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Brand: Schneider
Specifications: NEW
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Date: 02-09-2019
Business type: Retail
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Product details

 Contact: Jessica

Skype: jessica01235483
Mobile Phone: 86-18030235311(WhatsApp)
Amikon's large stock is the core of our supply.

Our large stock of industrial products is ready for delivery, which is the core of our supply. It contains more than 400,000 electronic products, such as PLC, HMI, drivers, servo and CNC devices, IPC and PG.

Whether new or out of production, from the smallest module to the complete configuration. We have products that have not been available for many years, the latest technology and all other products in between.

Market insight, technology development and customer demand enable us to buy strategically, so we seldom need to transfer business.

If items happen to be out of stock, we will search our preferred supplier network for you.

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Honeywell CC-TAIM01 51305959-175
Honeywell CC-TCNT01 51308307-175
Honeywell CC-TAON01 51306519-175
Honeywell CC-PAIX02 51405038-475
Honeywell CC-PDOB01 51405043-175
Honeywell 51199932-200
Honeywell 51202330-200
Honeywell 51202330-300
Honeywell 8C-TAIMA1  
Honeywell 8C-PAIMAI  
Honeywell 8C-POODA1 
Honeywell 8C-POIL51   
Honeywell 8C-TCNTA1-C  
Honeywell 8C-PCIW02 (51454363-275)
Honeywell 8C-IP0101 (51454362-175) 
Honeywell 8C-PAIH54 (51307070-275) 
Honeywell 8C-IP0102 (51454362-275)  

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