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Conch Touch Screen
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Brand: Conch
Specifications: Conch HM-630 Human-machine Inferface Controller
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Date: 25-03-2020
Business type: Retail
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Product details

 Models of Conch Touch Screen A&S Photoelectric Induction High-Technology Co., Ltd. can provide: 

Conch HM-630 Human-machine Inferface Controller
Conch HM-730 Human-machine Inferface Controller
Conch HM-740 Human-machine Inferface Controller
Conch HM-770 Human-machine Inferface Controller
Conch HM-782 Human-machine Inferface Controller
Other brands of HMI and Touch Screens we can provide: 
Pro-face Human Machine Interface,          Delta Human Machine Interface,
Omron Touch Screen,                        Hitech Touch Screen,
Mitsubishi Touch Screen,                   Pro-face Touch Screen, 
Siemens Touch Screen,                      Schneider Touch Screen, 
Weinview Touch Screen,                     WECON Touch Screen,
Red Lion Touch Screen,                     Delta Touch Screen, 
B&R Touch Screen,                          M2I Touch Screen, 
Fuji Touch Screen,                         Xinje Touch Screen, 
Elo Touch Screen,                          Universal Touch Screen,                    
Microsoft Touch Screen,                    LG Touch Screen,                           
Nikon Touch Screen,                        Coolpix Touch Screen,
Linux Touch Screen,                        Toshiba Touch Screen,
Android Touch Screen,                      Panasonic Touch Screen,
Qwerty Touch Screen,                       HP Touch Screen,                        
Craig Touch Screen,                        Kunlun Touch Screen,
Samkon Touch Screen,etc. 
We manufacture and offer Operator Interface Panels, Human Machine Interface, LCD touch screen, Multi Touch Screen, Programmble Touch Screens, Intelligent Touch Screens,etc. 
The easiest way to get a price quote on Conch Touch Screen: simply send us your enquiry with Brand, Model No., Part No., Quantity and other requirements for pricing.
Kindly browse our website "AS-TOUCH-SCREEN.COM" to get a comprehensive understanding about us. 
A&S Photoelectric Induction High-Technology Co., Ltd.
If you need any Conch Touch Screen, please feel free to contact us.
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Tel: +86-28-62136282
Fax: +86-28-86129221
Add: 469 Xinsheng Road, Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu, China
A&S Photoelectric Induction High-Technology Co., Ltd. expects to cooperate with you.
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