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PMMA Acrylic Diffuser Sheet
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    Specifications: PMMA Acrylic Diffuser Sheet
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    Date: 14-01-2022
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    Product details

     PMMA Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

    Acrylic Diffuser Sheet Description

    1, Light Transmission: Normally 90%、85%、80%、76%、60%, can tailor to customer’s requirements

    2, Appearance: One side matte, another side smooth;one side matte, another side orange peel texture;

    3 ,Outstanding LED Hiding Ability

    4, Easy To Fabricate

    5, Environment Friendly

    6, OEM/ODM Customizable

    Base on the optical theory, the Led diffusion sheet is produced with Optical grade PMMA raw material and scientific formula processing, the light can be reflected and refracted and scattering in the chemistry particles and resin continuously to achieve the best light transmission and excellent Led hiding ability and Increases light uniformity throughout the lighting diffuser

    PMMA Diffuser Sheet Application:

    Our diffuser sheet being widely used for the panel light, Down light, linear light and  so on, that's because  our diffuser sheet with different levels of light diffusion to meet various fixture performance requirements. Some designs, for example, may want a low level of diffusion to soften the edges of emitted light. Others may need more light diffusion to reduce direct glare. Also, variables such as the LED-to-lens distance and the LED matrix spacing affect the optimal light diffusion. While diffusion and light transmission are directly associated, having these diffusion options allows the light fixture designer the ability to achieve the lighting qualities they desire for a specific fixture

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    Seller information
    Kunxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd
    Name Leo Zhou
    Telephone: 86-750-3720076
    Location: Foshan Guangdong
    Address: Meizhen Industry zone, Jiujiang Town, Nanhai, Foshan city, Guangdong Province, China