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2Phase Stepper Motors 2 Phase Stepper Driver supplier
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    Product details

     2Phase Stepper Motors   2 Phase Stepper Driver supplier   2 phase hybrid stepper motor


    ICAN Tech offers complete stepper products including 2phase stepper motors, 3phase stepper motors, geared stepper motors and liner stepper motors. Our stepper products are well known for their high performance, reliability, and cost saving.


    Adapt to various digital or economical two-phase stepper motor drivers.

    Low-temperature rise and stable operation.


    The complete product line has a rich variety.

    High torque and low noise.


    Stepper series motors are high-performance, low-cost stepper motors made by ICAN using high-quality core materials. It has the advantages of high torque, low heat generation, and good running stability.  Our company has strict quality control to ensure high-quality batch consistency of motors. This series of stepping motors are stable and reliable, with superior performance parameters.



    Sewing machine stepper motor

    Economical two-phase stepper motor products

    Adapt to various digital or economical two-phase stepper motor drivers

    High torque and low noise

    Small temperature rise, stable operation

    Customization is available



    ICAN stepper motor is widely used in engraving machines, 3D printers, CNC machine tools, medical equipment, electronic processing equipment, automated production lines, and other automated equipment.


    High quality two phase stepper motor supply! High holding torque stepper motor is one of our main product, our stepper products are well known for their high performance, reliability, and cost saving.


    Located in Dongguan city (the world factory), as a stepper motor manufacturer, stepper motor manufacturers, planetary gear reducer manufacturer, bldc motor manufacturer, we demonstrate our professionalism in OEM/ODM production in the past 9 years.


    If you are interested in stepping motor, please click here to visit our website.


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