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SuperStar CX-1325 MINI Letter CNC Engraving Machine
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    Date: 14-01-2022
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    Product details

     SuperStar CX-1325 MINI Letter CNC Engraving Machine    china advertising engraving machine


    MINI Letter CNC Carving Machine is a kind of engraving machine mainly used for mini-character processing and advertising word processing. Equipped with high-frequency, high-power spindle, high cutting efficiency. The CNC studio can be equipped with a handle operating system for intuitive real-time operation.


    Advantages of SuperStar Advertising Laser Machine

    Simple operation, high efficiency, beautiful appearance

    1. Design of seamless welded structure with heavy industrial load and heat treatment of fuselage to ensure the best strength and rigidity.

    2. Configuration of Taiwan TBI high-precision linear square guide and high-precision ball screw, higher accuracy;

    3. Using full digital AC brushless servo system, the driving force is bigger, the speed is faster and the operation is more stable.

    4. With high frequency and high power spindle, it has low noise, high torsion, low jump rate, high cutting efficiency and bright cutting surface.

    5. Standardized professional matrix vacuum adsorption platform with large bearing capacity and strong adsorption capacity;



    Working area


    Control system

    NK 105


    Huadiao 5.5kw

    Oil injection system

    Electric Oil Injection System + Oil Mist Cooling Device

    Vacuum table

    Double-layer matrix vacuum adsorption platform with free zoning

    Traveling speed




    Driver motor

    Leadshine 850w servo

    Vacuum pump

    5.5KW Air Vacuum Pump




    Applicable Industry

    Suitable for mini-word processing, bevel word processing, acrylic light-emitting words, high-end advertising words, logo production and processing.


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