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supply etizolam clonazolam alprazolam white powder(
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  • Price: $ 10.00 Kg / each
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    Specifications: high quality etizolam
    Type New
    Date: 16-10-2019
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Quantity: Kg( Stock 500 Kg)

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    Product details



    Wickr me:sunny1688

    We chat:86-16719215203

    we are a professional manufacturer of chemicals with high quality ,competitive price and good service, our products are 

    Furanylfentanyl FUF BUFF MOF fuef,

    DIBU,dibutylone, Mphp, bk-ebdp crystal,


    5F-ADB,5f-mdmb2201, 5f-mdmb-pinaca,5f-amb

    bk eb bmdp 4fadb 5fadb,4-cdc,

    4-EMC, 4-CEC,4-CPRC, MMBC,a-php


    5apb ,4fpvp ,4fphp ,hexedrone ,mexedrone,


    BK-EBDP,BK-MAPB,BK-2C-B,2f-dck,U48800, bmk pmk,
    5-BPDI,5-Meo-nept,alprazolam, Halcinonide,
    ETIZOLAM, clonazolam, FlubroMazolaM


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