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Date: 20-11-2019
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 Contact: Jessica  |  Email: 

Skype: jessica01235483  |  Phone: 86-18030235311
Amikon has a large number of industrial electronic components to choose from. New and discontinued. These range from 30 years to the latest technology. Investing in new technologies is not always necessary.

We are happy to help you keep the old equipment in good condition. Are you or your customers experiencing serious electronic equipment failures in your business?

Does the machine shut down and stop production? Therefore, a quick solution is in your best interest! Sometimes, it may be difficult to find the required components.

Our large stock usually enables us to help you, so your production can be restarted immediately!

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Honeywell STR94G-11A
Honeywell STF932-E1A-031F0-1C
Honeywell C7061A
Honeywell HC900H03-0102
Honeywell 51303932-277
honeywell TMG740-3 Mod.63-55
Honeywell CN7220A2007
Honeywell SE110A0061
Honeywell CN-BB020146-1
Honeywell 51306652-100
Honeywell CPO-FB22246-230
Honeywell PVB0000AS-CHN 
Honeywell T6861H2WB-F
Honeywell CP-VAV
Honeywell 51305742-100
Honeywell CD R 301.6
Honeywell W120420-001
Honeywell 51196694-928
Honeywell 51304901-100
Honeywell 30756428-001
honeywell ADAPTER PWA51305785-100
Honeywell MC-ZLLMF2
honeywell 51309283-200 TK-PRS021
honeywell 19040597A
Honeywell 51192700-100
Honeywell 51195153-903/MU-NKD903
Honeywell 51305482-199
Honeywell 51305489-600
Honeywell 51195153-900/MU-NKD900
Honeywell 51305482-175
Honeywell 8C-TDOD51
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