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USB Charging Station JF-SCT
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    Product details


    48 devices USB charger and Sync car


    1.          16 devices in each cabinet, stack up system from 1up to 3 for 48 devices.

    2.          Safe charge and sync up to 16 smart devices, available for iOS & Android devices, each with individualize precise current sensor.

    3.          Simultaneously charging and synchronization of all devices.

    4.          Full rate iPad charging 2.5A (max 180W).

    5.          Smart USB Multi-Charging Stations with DSP (Dynamic Smart Power) technology.

    6.          Plug & display–Plug the charging device by USB connector, switch and display power charging current value.

    7.          LED status display indicates: Full charged, fast-current-charge, low-current-charge, or none connection.

    8.          Watching and monitoring the selected channel charging current by push button or auto scan.

    9.          Optional IP Control Module provides LAN access to manage up to 12,000 smart devices.

    10.      Overload and overheat protection by each sensor.

    11.      Fanless design for a quiet, long-lasting performance.

    12.      USB cable management keeps the cables compact, neat, and tidy.

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