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Essential Oils
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    Labh Group offer wide range of Essential Oils, they are odoriferous bodies of an oily nature derived from Vegetable sources.

    Essential oils are also known as Ethereal or Volatile oils. They are odouriferous bodies of an oily nature derived from Vegetable sources. In India following essential oils are produced. Essential oils are produced in various internal and external glands of certain flowers, leaves, barks, wood and roots. Chemically these oils are mixtures, usually very complex, of terpenses, sesqui terpenes, their oxygenated derivatives, and other aromatic compounds. Many contain 20 to 30 constituents covering the entire range of organic materials.

    “Aromatic” does not have the usual chemical meaning in the essential oil business. An aromatic chemical in this case, is any compound that has specific, useful odour. As old as the industry itself is the question of whether the plant gets any specific benefit from its essential oils.

    Almost all essential oils from various sources are extracted by distillation method. There are three types of distillation methods namely:-

        1.   Water distillation.
        2. Water & Steam distillation.
        3. Direct steam distillation.

    We have a wide range of Essential oils which includes:

    Ajowan Oil Anise Oil Aniseed Oil
    Angelica Root Oil Amber Oil Basil Oil
    Bay Leaf Oil Bargamot Oil Benzoin Pure
    Betel Leaf Black Pepper Cajupat Pure
    Carrot seed pure Essential oil Calamus Root Oil Cardamom Oil
    Camphor Oil Cassia Oil Caraway Oil
    Celery Seed Oil Chamomile Pure Essential Oil Cinnamon Leaf Pure Essential Oil
    Citronella Oil Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil Coriander Seed Pure Essential Oil
    Costus Root Oil Cubeb Oil Cumin Pure Essential Oil
    Clove Bud Oil Cypress Pure Essential Oil Davana Oil
    Dill Seed Pure Essential Oil Eucalyptus Oil Elemi Pure Essential Oil
    Fennel Sweet Oil Frankincense Pure Essential Oil Garlic
    Geranium Oil Grape Fruit Pure Essential Oil Ginger Oil
    Ginger CO2 Gingergrass Oil Gurjun Balsam Oil
    Hydacheium Oil (Kapoor Kuchari) Hyssop Pure Essential Oil Lavendin Alititude Essential Oil
    Laurel Leaf Oil Lavender Oil Lemon Oil
    Lemon Grass Oil Lime Essential Oil Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) Essential Oil
    Mandarin Essential Oil Menthol Oil Marjoram Essential Oil
    Melissa Essential Oil Neroli Essential Oil Niaouli Essential Oil
    Nutmeg Essential Oil Onion Orange Sweet Oil
    Palmarosa Oil Patchouli Oil Peppermint Oil
    Peru Balsam Oil Pimento Berry Essential Oil Pine Needle Oil
    Spearmint Oil Rosemary Essential Oil Rose Geranium Oil
    Sandalwood Oil Sage Essential Oil Spikenard Oil
    Sugandh Mantri Sugandh Kokila Oil Tagetes Oil
    Tangerine Essential Oil Tea Tree Oil Thyme Oil
    Turmeric Oil Valerian Root Oil Vetiver Oil
    Jasmine Absolute Oil And Many More 

    We ensure superior quality packaging of all our products. This ensures convenient shipment & longer shelf life. We offer different packing from a small consumer pack to a bulk packing or as per customer’s requirement.

    We also provide packaging in your brand name and design. We have in-house designing department which will help us to develop a very good design for your packaging requirement.

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    Labh Group Of Companies - Export Import Division
    Name Sunit Hapani
    Telephone: 91-79-3007-0400
    Location: Ahmedabad Gujarat
    Address: 403-405, Time Square, Beside Pariseema complex, C.G. Road,, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India