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CBB21 224J 450V metal film capacitor metallized polypropylene film capacitor
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    Product details

     CBB21 224J 450V   metal film capacitor   metallized polypropylene film capacitor   film capacitor manufacturers


    Film Capacitor features:

    1. Metallized polypropylene film, non-inductive structure, large capacity, less change in capacity, and small amplitude of internal temperature rise.

    2. Low loss at high frequency, strong self-healing ability, withstand high pulses, large current, and high frequency resistance of 100KHZ.


    thin film capacitor Electrical characteristics:

    Technical requirements reference Standard

    GB/T 14579 (IEC 60384-17)

    Climatic Category


    Operating Temperature

    -40?~105??+85?~+105??decreasing factor1.25% per? for UR?

    Rated Voltage


    Capacitance Range


    Capacitance Tolerance


    Withstand Voltage


    Insulation Resistance(IR)

    Cn≤0.33μF,IR≥15000MΩ ;Cn>0.33μF,RCn≥5000s at 100V,20?,1minFor 60sec / 25?For 60sec / 25?

    Dissipation Factor (tgδ)

    0.1% Max, at 1KHz and 20?


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