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Customize Bronze Camel Sculpture For Garden Decor
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    Brand: D&Z
    Specifications: Bronze
    Type New
    Date: 28-10-2020
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     Customize Bronze Camel Sculpture For Garden Decor

    D&Z Bronze Camel Animals Statue can decorate the home, hotel, garden center, shopping center, store display, trade show or malls. created in the lost way casting bronze way. with amazing competive piece and art details,

    1. Model Number: Camel(9)

    2. Material: Bronze

    3. Technology: Lost-Wax cast bronze

    4. bronze Animal Sculpture manufacturer Size: Life size or Customized 

    5. Package: Strong wooden cases

    6. Service: Door to Door delivery

    7. Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram

    Camel has a small head, a thick and long neck, and bends like a goose neck. The body is tall with brown hair. Can endure hunger and thirst. Camels can survive for three weeks without water, and can survive for a month without food.

    Animals themselves will give people psychological effects, or lovely, or ferocious, in addition, the decorative nature of animal sculpture is strong, which can be selected according to the specific placement environment and needs. For example, the most common stone lion in our life is made of HSBC copper lion. The lion makes people think of ferocity, so it's rare in park and garden. It's made of bronze copper lion for sale. It's common in some hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and other places. The stone lion can also play a role in stopping evil spirits. In addition, the animal also has potential significance. The lion symbolizes power, so it's in It is quite common for the government to cover up. Different life size animal sculptures have different specific meanings, so the selection should be based on the environment and the effect of use.More information you can click here.

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    D&Z sculpture co.,ltd
    Name Fang Gao
    Telephone: 13613220352
    Fax: 31168073497
    Location: baoding hebei
    Address: quyang