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Medical device/transmission1,MS-6310-1: Flat cable with 25~26P Connector
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    Brand: NEAEE
    Specifications: Medical device/transmission1,MS-6310-1: Flat cable with 25~2
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    Date: 13-01-2021
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    Product details

     The NEAEE s MS-6310-1: Flat cable with 25~26P Connector

    (1) Flat cable: BELDEN-9L26026 (UL2651 26AWG * 26C-optional domestic alternative)

    (2) Connector: KYC-K99X-25P-K-BLK, ITW-050-026-435AR (optional domestic alternatives)

    (3) Cover: KYC-SRX25-BLK

    (4) Length: L = 1397mm (55.0 In)


    The NEAEE s Wireless medical devices are changing the healthcare environment in hospitals. However, Wi-Fi systems have communication difficulties due to AP interference with each Wi-Fi device and traffic overload due to communication through the AP. To alleviate this problem, a real-time data transmission system using Wi-Fi Direct can be used in medical applications, which ensures higher data rate communication through direct communication between devices without any AP interaction. In this paper, we use a test bench to evaluate the performance of the Wi-Fi Direct system and compare it to a conventional Wi-Fi system for real-time data transmission. It can be seen that the Wi-Fi Direct real-time data transmission system can provide higher data rates than existing Wi-Fi systems, which indicates that using Wi-Fi Direct for high data rate medical communication.To learn more, click here

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    Xiamen New East Asia Electronic Enterprise Co. (NEAEE), Ltd
    Name Lifen Chen
    Telephone: 86 592-2196392
    Fax: 0592-2196392
    Location: xiaman fujian
    Address: No.21Xianghong Road, Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone(Xiang'an), Xiamen Fujian