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Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories diecast custom parts
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    Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories

    Die cast mold ejector pin. Material DIN 1.2344, AISI H13, JIS SKD61, ASSAB8407

    Ejector pin with a cylindrical head

    Shouldered ejector pin

    Flat ejector pin

    Forming ejector pin
    SKD61 and AISI H13 is popularly in aluminum die casting molds manufactory
    SKD61 inner hardness: HRC48-52, surface hardness: HV900-1100, heat treatment:
    Vacuumed + nitride
    H13 inner hardness: HRC 48-52, surface hardness: HV900-1100, heat


    Guide pillar and guide bush

    Square Guide Pillar

    Ejector Guide Pillar

    Headed Guide Pillar

    Shouldered Guide Pillar

    Ejector Guide Bush

    Straight Guide Bush

    Headed Guide Bush

    Guide Plate


    HASCO DME FUTABA standard

    Roughness Ra0.6-0.8, tolerances below 0.001mm, roundness:0.002mm, concentricity: within0.002mm

    Mold base company like LKM, D-M-E, FUTABA hade branch company in Ningbo. S50C is important material for aluminum die casting mold base, QT550 and QT600 was popularly material for die casting mold base in twenty years before. Since customer increasing high quality aluminum die casting mold require, the material of S50C, DIN 1.1213, AISI 5AE 1050, NF C50 is welcomed in Ningbo die casting market

    Clamping plate of the fixed half

    Clamping plate of the moving half

    Bolster of the fixed half

    Bolster of the moving half

    Support pillar, space block, support plat


    Aluminum Die Casting Molds Manufactory can produce die cast mold accessories and various guide pillars and guide bushes to meet customer requirements for high-quality aluminum die-casting molds.


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