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Trailer leaf spring axles with electric brakes
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Specifications: leaf spring axles with Drum Brakes
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Date: 25-08-2021
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Product details


Solid Trailer Axles

Trailer Suspension

Trailer Axle with Brake Assemblies

Trailer Axles

Trailer Straight Axle

Square Solid Axles

Trailer Assembled Axle

Trailer Drum Brake Axle

Trailer axles with drum brakes are sturdy and durable with less maintenance, and our products are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. We recommend off-road electric when you tow a trailer in extreme rugged conditions, the brakes are specifically modified to prolong braking life. Trailer axles are available in different capacities and sizes, we can produce it according to customers’ requirements.


l  Square straight trailer axles are most popular for utility and boat trailers in Australia and New Zealand.

l  All axles are standard raw material, painted or galvanized are available.

l  Square solid axle and round tube axle have a higher resistance to both flex and torsional twisting than square tube for a given weight.

l  Trailer axles with drum brakes are available in different capacities and sizes, customers need to provide the dimensions of axles, such as the lengths of overall, hub face and spring center.


Axle Shape


Market:   Australia, New Zealand


Drum Brake


1000 kg

1200-1500 kg

1500-1600 kg

2000 kg

3000 kg

Brake Type

9” Mechanical

9” Mechanical

10” Electric

12” Electric

12” Electric

9” Hydraulic

9” Hydraulic


10” Electric

10” Electric


Axle Size

40 mm

45 mm

50 mm

63 mm





2.0 Tonne

3.0 Tonne


1.5 Tonne

1.5 Tonne





Product Composition

²  Bare Axle Beam

²  Drum Brakes

²  Inner & Outer Bearings

²  Inner & Outer Races

²  Grease Seals

²  Cotter Pins

²  Spindle Nuts

²  Spindle Washers

²  Studs

²  Grease/Oil/Dust/Hub Cap

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