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Date: 15-07-2021
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Plastone and Solid Wood Composite Flooring


Plastone and Solid Wood Composite Flooring is new product developed on base of plastone flooring.  As the the high price of solid wood flooring halts most of the consumers, while the plastone flooring cannot give same touch feeling like solid wood, thus the plastone and solid wood composite flooring emerged.  Plastone and solid wood composite flooring is made of  plastone flooring and covered with all sorts of solid wood veneer stuck on the base material with adhesive and then coated with UV painting.  This sort of flooring is the trend for future development, because it has all the advantages of plastone flooring as well as the nature and luxury of solid wood, at the same time its price is economic enough, so that’s why it is more welcome to the market.   We are SPC flooring manufacturer.


Environment friendly raw material

SPC floor mainly consists of high-quality PVC resin, that is a kind of environment friendly, non-toxic and renewable material, containing no harmful substances like benzene formaldehyde, heavy metal, soluble volatile matter, or radiation.


Superior anti-skid

Having special skid resistance and wear-resisting layer that is extremely durable on wet,humid or complex condition the floor can meet high requirement of both private and public purpose so is widely used for airport, hospital, kindergarten, school, and home decoration.


Thin and light

Thickness 3.2mm-5.5mm,weight 6.0-12.0kgs/sq.m, 10%less than other commonly used flooring material. The floor has incomparable advantages on easy loading and space saving for the high-rise building,and old building reconstruction.


Anti-mildew and anti-bacteria

Having had special anti-bacterial, anti-fouling treatment, the floor has strong ability to keep the bacteria from inhabiting and reproduction.


Waterproof and damp-proof

The vinyl resin in SPC floor is non-hydrophilic so no mildew from humidity will happen to the floor.


Warm and comfortable

SPC floor feels flexible and has good thermal heats evenly so is comfortable to walk on barefooted. Our product overcomes the limitations of coldness and sipperiness of the stone material, ceramic tiles and terrazzo floors. In those areas such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, SPC floor is the first choice to cover the underfloor heating, and very suitable for homes, especially the spaces for elderly and children to stat and play.



According to the authorities, 95% of the fire victims were actually not bunt bu the fire but hurt by the toxic fumes and gases caused by the fire. The SPC floor fire rating is NFPA B1. It won't keep burning on its own.Away from the combustion ignition it will be naturally out in 5 seconds, and won't produce toxic or harmful gases.


High grade anti-abrasion and high strength

The floor surface has a transparent wear-resisting layer, and it is wear-resisting revolution can be up to 10000 turns.In normal circumstances this kind of wear-resisting layer can be used for 10-50 years depending on the different thickness.


Sound absorption and noise reduction

The sound-absorbing capacity of the floor is 20 decibels, which is nonpareil. For the places in need of quiet environment, such as hospital ward, school, library, auditorium, cinema etc.WINT SPC floor will always be your first choice.


Environmentally-friendly and renewable

SPC floor is the only renewable decorative materials of flooring, so it is of great significance to the natural resources and ecological environment on the earth.


Beautiful and fashionable

Using the advanced click lock technology that the other sort of flooring can't be using the SPC floor can form up as integral as one in appearance. That helps to obtain the best look and avoids to leave unattainable interstice that can't be cleaned.


High safety

Excellent SPC floor can reduce the harm to human body as much as possible, by spreading th impact evenly to the soles. The latest research data show that compare to other sorts of flooring, to lay SPC floor in the places where many people are often gathered or crowded, the proportion of fell-down and injuring may fall by nearly 70%

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Kindergartens, hospitals, offices, homes, hotels, youth apartments, shopping malls, nursing homes, shops, chain stores, libraries, factory renovation, etc.

Product Details


Veneer-SPC Flooring



Top Layer:


Mid Layer:


Back Layer:

1.0/1.5/2.0mm for IXPE,1.0mm for poplar veneer

Total Thickness:


Click system:



1218x170mm or Optional

Bevel Edge:

No bevel/2 sides bevel/4 sides bevel




CE, Intertek

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