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20FT/40FT Expandable Flat Pack Prefab Module Container House With Solar Energy
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    Specifications: Container House
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    Date: 26-07-2021
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    Product details

     20FT/40FT Expandable Flat Pack Prefab Module Container House With Solar Energy

    Expandable Container House Specifications

    1.Crane cost

    For your convenience, we find a relative website for reference, you need to contact the local company if you need an accurate price.

    2.Installation cost (including electricity, water supply, excreta treatment system You need to contact the local construction team to get an accurate price.

    Container House Project Procedure

    1. Permission

    To own your own container house, consulting the local jurisdiction must be the

    first step.

    2. Preparation

    Once cleared the payment, the next step should be the foundations preparation.It would be better to consult a qualified builder or engineer. Or, you can do it yourself.

    A foundation for a single container house can start from concrete to wooden support on the ground.

    You need to consider what is structurally required and your own personal

    preferences. If you choose to pour concrete foundation, you should embed

    some steeling plates in it so that the container corner could be rested on.

    This container house can be switch to 40FT. Click here for more info.

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