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Power Plant supplies BEARING ASSEMBLY P-2335
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Brand: YOYIK
Specifications: P-2335
Type New
Date: 14-10-2021
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Product details

 Power Plant supplies BEARING ASSEMBLY P-2335

Main: hydraulic machinery and components, hydroelectric generating units; coal-fired generating units; generating units; electrical and electronic products processing; mechanical parts processing. Mainly engaged in the power industry host (steam turbine, water machine, boiler, turbine) accessories, spare parts, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment. Deyang YOYIK supply power plant, steel accessories are as follows:
We have more spare parts and equipments for power plant. Check the list below:
If you don't find the needed spare parts in the list, please feel free to contact us.
piston pump parts A10V100R-31R-PPA12N00
thermometer W07A0612A
oil filter price WU-H10×80S
lvdt transducer displacement 2000TDZ-B
thermal resistance W09D0041A
k type thermocouple 1200c TC03A2-KY-2B/S11
displacement inductive sensor TD-1G-250
turbine speed sensor ZS-03 L=100
Trip solenoid valve 4WE6Y62/EW230N9K4
thermocouple wire WRN2-4312
industrial displacement sensor K156.33.31.04G01
300mm pt100 WZP2-441(Pt100)
vacuum pump price P-1759
liquid level controller 704-511A-140/7MA-A110-494
Shaft Speed Sensors CS-1-065-02
Oil Filter GYJ160
rtd probe WZP2-24SA
burgmann mechanical seal N.D.E L270
lvdt-sensor ZDET-200B
globe throttle check valve LJC25-1.6P
hydraulic screw pump 3Gr110×4
lvdt displacement sensor ZDET700B
rtd temperature WZP2-230NM
filter pressure hydraulic housing LH0060D5BH/HC
thermocouple k type WH-5A421.575
lvdt linear position sensor TD-1 300S
vacuum hand pump 2S-185
Surface Thermocouple WPNKZ-630
roots vacuum pump P-1931A
mechanical seal for water pump N0330/2100/K/M/506B
Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor
digital thermometer W07B0364A
angular displacement sensor
liquid level controller BNA15/16-M567
temperature sensors WZP2-280
sensor de lvdt
furnace thermocouple WRN2-4312
Primary filter MSL-31/125
4mm rtd pt100 WZP2-221(Pt100)
vane pumps F3-SV10-1P5P-00
pp water filter cartridge DLS-300
rtd pt100 WZPM2-08-75-M18-S
LVDT B151.36.09G03
stainless steel Thermocouple 8300.D1000Q-240000B005
electric vacuum pump P-1916
sensor de rpm SZXB-01-B01
non contact rpm sensor ZS-03 L=100
Platinum Wire TC03A2-KY-2B/S12
rtd thermocouple WRNK2-331T
speed sensor cost 143.35.39
hydraulic pressure pump 25SCV14-1B
thermowell WRNK2-231-R1/4\K
Overflow valve for the EH regulatory system DB101-50/200
hydraulic filter cross reference STZX2-100×5
displacement sensor 3000TD
Hall Effect RPM/Speed Sensor ZS-04 L=100
20kw industrial heating element JHG03
output speed sensor 5100.W.10.A.0003
LVDT Displacement Sensors A181.36.06G03
lvdt-sensor LVDT-900-3
centrifugal water pump KSB50-250-007
lvdt transducer displacement TD1000
mechanical seal for pump 104-45
Pulse Amplification Electronic Card 3L8041-2V.1
pt100 thermocouple TE-112
Hydrogen Leak Probe NA-1000D
rotational speed sensor RS9001-01-00-095-05
Analog Linear Displacement Sensor TDZ-1E-24
filter replacements GY135-200×40
pt100 thermal resistance WZPM2-12-050-G1/2-S
rotation sensor ZS-02 L=100
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