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Power generator using Thermocouple WRNK2-294
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Brand: YOYIK
Specifications: WRNK2-294
Type New
Date: 15-11-2021
Business type: Retail
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Product details

 Power generator using Thermocouple WRNK2-294

Deyang Dongfang Yoyik specializes in the development, production, and sales of spare parts in power industry. We have a complete quality management system. Our products include filter elements, sealants, sensors, pumps, valves, insulation materials, processing parts, bearings, etc.
We have more spare parts and equipments for power plant. Check the list below:
If you don't find the needed spare parts in the list, please feel free to contact us.
#DF-Thermocouple WRNK2-294-DF
thermocouple thermometer TC03A2-KY-2B/S12
angular displacement sensor K156.36.06.006
dc speed control sensor D100-05-01
LVDT Measurement TDZ-1B-03
thermocouples extension lead wires  WREK2-191
lvdt displacement sensor inductive sensor ZD-7000TDA
Sheathed thermocouple TE-106
Resistance Temperature Detector WZPM2-201
Adjustable Bimetal Thermometer W07B0158A
Sensor for measuring H2 purity KQF1500
Tacho RPM sensor ZS-01 L=100
vacuum pump compressor P-1258
thermal resistance units WZP2-231
sealing ring HB4-56J8-188
pressure hose SMS-20-915mm-C
pressure hose SMS-12/15-1829mm-C
lube oil filters HX.BH-40×30
fuel pump 3G70*2-46W
speed sensor location ZS-03 L=90
non-contact displacement sensor 400TD
Pt100 Temperature Rtd Sensor WZPM2-08-040-M18-S
lvdt linear position sensor TDZ-1G-03
chemical filter cartridge 13167
multi stage centrifugal pump DFB100-65-230
pt100 digital thermometer WZP2-014S
lvdt linear position sensor
centrifugal water pump 50-250
LVDT Displacement Transducer Sensors K156.36.06.007
displacement sensor TDZ-1D-05
high pressure gauge WK09966
Accumulator for Blader B2620C-523000B
sensor de lvdt ZDET-350B
speed sensor location D-065-05-01(CS-1)
ptfe pt100 temperature sensor WZP2-231
oil filter HX.BH-250×3W
O ring HY.SO.0048.V
Thermocouple WRNK2-294
hydraulic oil filter element RF003D001
heating element price HY-GYY-1.2-380/3
pt100 element W09A0207A
piston pump parts PVT38-2R5C-C03-S00
lvdt transducer B151.36.09.04-013
220v heating element HY-GYY-1.2-380V/3
lvdt position sensor B151.36.09G09
Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor B151.36.06(1)G03
LVDT Displacement Transducer Sensors HL-6-400-15
Platinum RTD Sensor W09A0067A
lvdt 0-300 ZDET250B
pp filter machine SGLQB-1000A
lvdt 0-300 HTD-150-3
cartridge heater manufacturer DC120-200V ZJ20.3-500R
oil filter machine price  TZX-E160×3Q3
lvdt 20mm sensor HTD-1000-6
temperature measurement sensor pt100 WZP-230A M27×2
speed sensor HZSP-475-50-10-HR
Hydraulic oil return filter element SFX 240x20
3 wire rtd WZPK-160 L=320mm
thermistor 8300.D1000Q-240000B001
end suction centrifugal pump DFB125-80-300
oil transfer pump SDW-60
displacement transducer TDZ-1B-05
Resistance Temperature Detector WZPM2-08-67.5-M18-B
sensor lvdt 3000TD-10-01-01
DF Communication cable RS232 Mini Din 6-pin male port
axial piston pumps PVH098R01AJ30A250000002001AB010
lvdt 20mm sensor TDZ-1G
Rotary Torque Sensor 330103-00-08-10-02-00
liquid level gauge BH-016021-021
lvdt displacement sensor inductive sensor LVDT-100-6
filter water systems KLS-100I
85mm tachometer 6000rpm SJK-B
5000 rpm torque sensor ZS-01 L=65
Thermocouple WRNK2-294
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