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Blister Packing Machine MY-80(seim-automatic)
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    Date: 26-11-2021
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    Product details

    Blister Packing Machine MY-80(seim-automatic)    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machines    Blister Packing Machine Factory


    This packaging machine is a composite blister packaging machine with PVC film and PTP aluminum foil as packaging materials. We can customize the blister mold as required by customers.It is suitable for the packaging of icing machines, oatmeal, capsules and other medicines of various specifications and sizes. It can also be used for small hardware, electronic components or food with similar shapes. 


    Machine features

    1. Adopt the latest transmission mechanism in China, the main transmission shaft is driven by the chain, which eliminates the error and noise of other gear transmission.

    2. Electrical appliances adopt import control system, can be configured according to customer requirements.

    Missing material filling device and missing particle detection and removal device (OMRON sensor). Adopt imported frequency conversion governor.

    3. The adopts photoelectric control system to PVC, PTP, the automatic feeding device of tropical aluminum packaging and the automatic punching device of waste edge to ensure the synchronous stability of long distance and multi-station.

    4. Can be equipped with photoelectric detection and correction device, with imported stepper motor traction, graphic printing packaging, optimization of packaging grade.

    5. This machine is suitable for Toys, food, e-cigarettes, jam, butter, pesticide, perfume, essence and other hard aluminum bubble packaging. 


    Technical Parameters of Mingyue Blister Packing Machine 




    18-30 bags/min

    Scope of measurement


    Accuracy percent


    Moto powder


    Molding heating power


    Total power

    380V/50HZ  220V/50-60HZ

    Reference specifications


    Net weight


    Overall dimensions



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